update 2022.6.3
Data Usage Policy

1. use of datasets on this website
Anyone can freely use the datasets published on this website, including reproduction, public transmission, translation, and transformation, in accordance with the following 1) to 5). Commercial use is also permitted. By using the datasets, you are deemed to have agreed to these usage rules.

1) Regarding the statement of the source
a. When using a dataset, please indicate the source. The method of stating the source is as follows.
(Example of how a source should be listed)
Source: Open Oral Pathological Images Dataset (http://www.oopid.jp/)
b. When using a dataset that has been edited or processed, please state that the information has been edited or processed in addition to the above source. Publication or use of edited or processed information in a manner that makes it appear as if it were created by this website is prohibited.
(Example of the use of edited/processed data set)
e.g.: OOPID-v0 (http://www.oopid.jp/) is processed and created.

2) Content to which these usage rules do not apply
The following content is not subject to these usage rules.
a. Content other than datasets

3) Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction
a. These Usage Rules shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
b. The district court with jurisdiction over the location of the organization that publishes the dataset or the Usage Rules pertaining to the dispute shall be the exclusive court of first instance for any disputes related to the use of the dataset and the Usage Rules.

4) Disclaimer
a. This website assumes no responsibility for any actions taken by users using the dataset.
(This includes the use of information that has been edited, processed, etc. from the dataset.)
b. The dataset is subject to change, relocation, deletion, etc. without notice.

5) Others
a. These rules of use do not restrict the use of quotations and other uses permitted under copyright law.
b. These Usage Rules were established on May 27, 2022. These Usage Rules conform to the Government Standard Terms of Use (Version 2.0). These Terms of Use are subject to change in the future. If you have already used the Content in accordance with an earlier version, those terms and conditions will continue to apply.

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